Scuba Clam

Postcard Mail
Calgary, Canada
From: Queensland, Australia 
1989 x 2

Dear X,

Been in Australia for 3 days now. It’s awesome. Hot though. Leaving tomorrow to cycle to Braydon(?). It’s about 100 km. This is a picture of me diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Had a great time. Saw a clam 6 feet across.


Dear X,

The Cycling portion of my trip went well: only one spill, a flat tire, and one killer mountain. Been diving on the Great Barrier Reef over 10 times now. Wrestled monster crayfish; seen stingrays, manta rays and a sea cow; shit a brick when I saw my first shark; punctured my leg on a sea urchin – ouch! Spent a lot of time looking for mermaids. Last two weeks I’ve been doing a lot of horizontal folk dancing (Aussie for sun tanning). Shot this on my way thru the sugar cane fields in Queensland.


Postcard Images: Kodak Paper Postcards, A. M. B. 1989

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