Desolute Bay

Postcard Mail
Toronto, Canada
Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada
2006 x 3

Dear X,

Good time in Ottawa. Good flight. Now cold and barren. Could be called Desolute Bay.


Dear X,

It’s a great sunshiny day. We just returned from a zodiac excursion to an archeological settlement site. Up at six and get ready to the gangplank. Now waiting for breakfast. We spent two days crossing the Davis Strait and are now in Greenland. Last two days were easy and leisurely. Monday reading, sleeping, EATING, reading, sleeping. EATING, and attending lectures. Tuesday about the same but stopping and circumnavigating huge(titanic) ice-bergs.


Dear X,

We traversed Davis Strait in SW Direction and this our first landfall on Canadian soil. A beautiful day, not too windy, and relatively calm sea. Spotted two polar bears, one scrambling on a steep slope at great speed. Then we spotted walrus, about a dozen swimming and surfacing. The last couple of days I’ve felt a bit low, partial seasickness, but today I just felt raring to go. Great fun. Went out and saw the Aurora Borealis, and found the North Star directly overhead.


Postcard Images:
Torrington Memorial, Franklin expedition. Printed in Canada
MIDDLE: Landscapes of Nunavut. Greenlandic Iceberg, Lancaster Sound. Photography © Mike Beedell, 2004
BOTTOM: Landscapes of Nunavut. Igloo Building, Igloolik. Photography © Mike Beedell, 2004

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