Drop Caps

Fold-over Note Card – Set of 10
P. N. A.
Printed in Fall, 2017

Designed for a sweet soul who enjoys immersion in the natural environment as much as I do. He’s compelled to carve oak totems with sharp chisels, has a penchant to bleed a lot, and miraculously made it to a special milestone without slicing one of his digits off.

Monogrammed note card design using decorative drop cap type and floral borders.Metal border fills of flowers for letterpress printing stored in a type case compartment.Monogrammed note card design of decorative drop caps, “P. N. A.” surrounded by floral borders.

Antique moveable type, ornament, and border fill delicately handset in a balanced letterpress composition. Put to rest on European mold made cotton paper with a deckle edge. 

Imperfectly handmade and 100% human-powered on a 1890s C&P Platen Press in Toronto, Canada.

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