FNP Workshop

Workshop Play
Wood Type & Halftones
Printed in summer, 2015

While shopping around for studio options to practice my craft, I attended a fabulous workshop at Free North Press hosted by printmakers, Justine Labine, Gideon Naf, and special guest typographer, Michael Uytenbogaart.

Type case compartments filled with antique wood type for letterpress printing.A relief print of wood type reading “B.C. to N.L, 2005 to 2015.

Celebrating a special anniversary with classic wood-type.

A halftone block of a church with it’s print.Halftone print from an old photograph of a city church.

My sister found this halftone of a church in a downtown antique shop over 30 years ago. I got a chance to pull a print from it after all this time. The distressed border and damaged negative are vintage-sweet in effect.

A closely cropped halftone print of a cow portrait.A halftone block print of a cow portrait in an oval frame on white cotton paper.

The passive gaze of this cow sucked me.

Antique wood type and halftone blocks delicately handset in a balanced letterpress composition. Put to rest on fine cotton paper.

Imperfectly handmade and 90% human-powered on a 1950s Vandercook Galley Proof press at Free North Press in Toronto, Canada.

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