The Studio

Artships Press is a postcard-sized letterpress printmaking studio. It’s equipped with an 1890s C&P Platen Press named Alphonsie (aka Fonzie). Fonzie is an antique tabletop press best suited for short print-runs and postcard-size images.  

The stationery projects posted here were gifts made for friends and a way for me to learn the ancient trade of letterpress printing. They’re composed of handset moveable type, and recycled analog parts including, line blocks, halftones, and ornamental fills. 

Working with mish-mash of nicked and bruised antique tools is a labor of love that teaches the value of patience and requires a “make do and mend” approach. It’s the best way to learn the ancient craft of letterpress and it’s immensely rewarding on the days when things work out.

The Palette:

  • A scrap collection of metal antique type, ornament borders, and corner fills – well-loved, missing sorts, often damaged, still useful
  • A small handful of moveable fonts sets from various type foundry’s – dusty, well cared for, and used for the very first time
  • A stray collection of wood type, line blocks, and halftone blocks carefully collected over time
  • Rubber-based Van Son Holland Ink: Pantone yellow, warm red, reflex blue, black, and transparent white
  • A 200 lb cast-iron, hand-lever tabletop press
  • A 500 lb guillotine paper cutter

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