The Studio

Welcome to Artships Press – a postcard-sized letterpress studio equipped with an 1890s C&P Platen Press – an entry-level tabletop press best suited for short print-runs and postcard-size images.  

The stationery projects posted here were gifts made for friends and a way for me to get to know the press. They were composed of handset moveable type and recycled analog parts including, line blocks, halftones, and ornamental fills. 

Working with mix-matched, often damaged, antique tools is a labor of love that teaches the value of patience and requires a “make do and mend” approach. It’s the best way to learn the ancient craft of letterpress and it’s immensely rewarding on the days when things work out.

The Palette:

  • A scrap collection of metal antique type, ornament borders, and corner fills – well-loved, missing sorts, often damaged, still useful
  • A small handful of moveable fonts sets from various type foundry’s – dusty, well cared for, and used for the very first time
  • A stray collection of wood type, line blocks, and halftone blocks carefully collected over time
  • Rubber-based Van Son Holland Ink: Pantone yellow, warm red, reflex blue, black, and transparent white
  • A 200 lb cast-iron, hand-lever tabletop press
  • A 500 lb guillotine paper cutter

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