Vintage Guinness

Souvenir Postcard
Ireland, 1991

While traveling around Ireland I picked up this card from a tour of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, where I was more interested in the vintage ad artwork than their beer. Further along in my travels I recognized the doorway from the postcard in Galway and couldn’t resist striking a copycat pose.

Postcard Image: © Insight Cards Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Photography: Peter Zoller

Icky Digs

Postcard Mail
From: Seattle, USA
To: Calgary, Canada

Dear X,

Guess what? I’m back in an ‘oh my god don’t let your bare skin touch any surface if you can help it’ hostel. This one’s exactly like the Coffee Palace only a step up (albeit an infinitesimal one). I love this city, only it’s making me miss you because I feel like I’m out on the wayward road again and there’s a vacant spot by my side with your name on it. This city was made for me and you!


Postcard Image: © Split Screen, Dorothy Nevit, dot design, 1999

Cycling Holland

Postcard Mail: 1997
Middleburg, Netherlands
Calgary, Canada

Dear X,

Remember we were here [Town Hall of Middelburg] with Oma? My ass is sore, we’re doing about 70 easy KMs per day. 1st-day drizzle to rain, and hard wind. Got soaked, Days 2 & 3 good weather. Beautiful country. Holland is bicycle country. Path, paved, through forests and heaths, farms and meadows. Beautious Maximus.


Postcard Image: E. G. & M, U-gave VVV Middelburg, 1996