Vintage Guinness

Souvenir Postcard
Ireland, 1991

While traveling around Ireland I picked up this card from a tour of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, where I was more interested in the vintage ad artwork than their beer. Further along in my travels I recognized the doorway from the postcard in Galway and couldn’t resist striking a copycat pose.

Postcard Image: © Insight Cards Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Photography: Peter Zoller

Gondola Ride

Postcard Mail
Toronto, Canada
From: Venice, Italy

Dear X,

We are staying in Venice – the city with over 100 canals. Yesterday we had 3 boat rides. Two rides were in water taxis and 1 ride was in a gondola. There were 7 of us in the gondola – 4 passengers, 1 gondolier (standing on the back of the boat like the picture), & 1 singer & 1 accordion players. We traveled down narrow canals like the picture.  It was lots of fun.


Postcard Image: © 2004 by Mazzega Art & Design s.n.c. – Venezia

Cycling Holland

Postcard Mail: 1997
Middleburg, Netherlands
Calgary, Canada

Dear X,

Remember we were here [Town Hall of Middelburg] with Oma? My ass is sore, we’re doing about 70 easy KMs per day. 1st-day drizzle to rain, and hard wind. Got soaked, Days 2 & 3 good weather. Beautiful country. Holland is bicycle country. Path, paved, through forests and heaths, farms and meadows. Beautious Maximus.


Postcard Image: E. G. & M, U-gave VVV Middelburg, 1996