50 km/hr

Birthday Card

For a girl with a goal to get her motorbike license by 50, from a girl who upcycles pre-fab cards with cool, personalized, doodle messages.


Cycling Holland

Postcard Mail: 1997
Middleburg, Netherlands
Calgary, Canada

Dear X,

Remember we were here [Town Hall of Middelburg] with Oma? My ass is sore, we’re doing about 70 easy KMs per day. 1st-day drizzle to rain, and hard wind. Got soaked, Days 2 & 3 good weather. Beautiful country. Holland is bicycle country. Path, paved, through forests and heaths, farms and meadows. Beautious Maximus.


Postcard Image: E. G. & M, U-gave VVV Middelburg, 1996